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This tattoo ticket is for a one time use license for any art I’ve already made (pre-existing work) to be used for a tattoo design. This is for tattoo clients only! If you're tattoo artist looking to license my work for your shop please email me at

Use of a design/art piece is as follows if you can afford it:
$50 USD for a tattoo 4” & below
$75 USD for a tattoo 4” – 8”
$100 USD for a tattoo greater than 8”

There is also a general support ticket available for $25 USD. ♡
This is just a small token of thanks that allows me to continue making my work! I've done this as a kindness to other countries where the US dollar is too powerful in exchange market (like Brazil's 1 USD to 5BRL), or if you're in dire straits and cannot at this time afford to pay my usual size scale ticket. (I hope this helps!)

Art that is allowed to be used for tattoos would be any art I’ve already made as long as it isn’t someone else’s commission, someone else’s custom tattoo, etc. They paid for that work so it is only right to respect it!

If you’re looking for a CUSTOM tattoo design from me then this is not the listing for you. Custom tattoo commissions are closed at this time! I cannot take on personal commissions with my current schedule.

Thank you for supporting me and my work. I can't wait to see your tattoo!!! Please email me a pic and tag me on socials. I'd love to share it! If you need a more comprehensive tattoo FAQ please look here. ♡